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Berrywood Showdogs - Flor de Cuba

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Ir Sh Ch Berrywood Golden Bracken

June 1996 - 2008


Sire: Ir Sh Ch Chywoon Summer Swift at Berrywood
Dam: Ir Sh Ch Chywoon Gold Splash at Berrywood


Bracken was unique, as he was our one and only home bred English Setter. Although Bonnie displayed signs of having a large litter, she fooled everyone, including our vet by producing just one puppy! Of course we had to keep him and so we named him Bracken. Bracken showed great promise in the show ring, gaining his  Irish Title in record time  (under the old system where you needed 40 points including four 5 point majors), with multiple Green Star and Best of Breed wins.


Unfortunately Bracken was forced to retire from the show ring at the young age of 2 due to a back injury. Although he made a great recovery, he always had a slight limp so could not be shown. The picture to the right is of Bracken at his very last show, aged 2. Despite this, Bracken lived a very long and happy life as part of our family before crossing over the Rainbow Bridge at 12 years old.