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The gang make literary history!!


Our very talented and very good friend, Sheila Muckle has written three books about the adventures of two little Havanese and their friends.


Sheila is very multi talanted as she not only writes her own books and stories, but she ghost writes for other people, and writes articles for websites.


She has written many lovely books, inspired by her love of dogs and gardening. Having admired our Havanese and followed in their adventures, Sheila was inspired to write a lovely children's story, Annelise's Angels - a tale of two havanese who get up to all sorts of adventures, and ultimately save the day!


Following on from the success of Annalise's Angels, Sheila added a second installment, Havanese Hallowe'en, where Georgie and Foxie are joined by their friend, Poppy (another Havanese) in spooky adventures!


In March, 2015, Sheila has added yet another book to the Havanes series - 'Havanese Heroe's', staring Foxie, George, Poppy and our own Castro and Heidi, who all join forces to save the day!

Following on from the success of her previous books, Sheila has added a series of Havanese Bedtime Stories featuring Maro, Foxie, Georgie, Castro, Heidi and their friend Poppy.

All three of these beautiful books are available for purchase from Amazon, either in Paperback format or for Download. Click here to purchase a copy



Further information regarding Sheila and her books can also be found on her website, Canonsett, click here to see her website
Sheila Muckle
Sheila Muckle
Sheila Muckle