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Show Results & News 2017

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Combined Canine Club Open Show 3/12/17

Today little Maverick had the task of flying the flag for Berrywood and he did ever so well, seeing off competition to win Best of Breed under Toy Specialist Magda Szczygieł!

Sadly due to unforeseen circumstances we could not wait for the Group but we are very proud of our youngest team member for doing such a great job!

Dublin Dog Show Society


Last Show of the season, and Ireland's #1 Havanese had the day off, as his mummy was not able to attend the show. Instead, Olive and Brendan took Cassie, Maverick, Lola and Phoenix along with great results!

Havanese - Maverick 1st Junior Dog and R Green Star Dog

Cassie 1st Champion Bitch, Green Star and BOB!

English Setters - Phoenix 1st Open Dog and Green Star Dog

Lola 1st Veteran Bitch and R Green Star Bitch

Cloghran All Breed Championship Show 25/11/2017

Another great day with the team, with fantastic results:

English Setters
Ir & Lux Ch Wansleydale Woodpecker at Berrywood 1st Champion Dog, Green Star and BOB
Ch Sunhouse Copacabana at Berrywood 1st Veteran Bitch and Reserve Green Star and another point towards her Veteran Title!
Bailemos Poker Face 1st Puppy Dog
Ch Reine O'castamere by Labayamesa 1st Champion Bitch, Green Star and RBOB
But the star again today was our Pelé aka Flordecuba Jacinto, who was 1st Junior Dog, Green Star and BOB and then went on to be shortlisted in the Group! 🏆
Thank you to our judges, Mr Ken Kennedy (English Setters) and Mr Lee Grogan (Havanese and Group) for thinking so highly of all our dogs

Ulster Chihuahua Club Show 04/11/2017

Pele Best in Show!!

We had a great day at the Ulster Chihuahua Toy Group Open Show, where under Ms L O'Neil, our Maverick was awarded Reserve BOB and Best Puppy in Breed and Pele was awarded Best of Breed!

The then got even better when Pele was awarded Best in Show under Bichon Breeds Specialist June Gould!!


Northern Ireland Pekingese Club Group Open Show

We had a lovely day with our young boys at the Northern Ireland Pekingese Show, where Pele was awarded 1st Open Dog / Bitch and Best of Breed.

Little Maverick was awarded 1st Junior Dog / Bitch, Best Puppy in Breed and then went on to be awarded Reserve Best Puppy in Show!


Thanks to our judge, Mr D Pearse for thinking highly of our boys :) 



IKC International Weekend

07 & 08 October

Day 1. judge Mr. P. Demetriou (Cyprus)
Maverick 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed 
Cassie 1st Champion Bitch, Green Star, CACIB & RBOB
Pele 1st Junior Dog, Green Star and Best of Breed

Day 2. judge Ms Jasna Matejcic (Croatia)
Maverick 1st Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed 
Cassie 1st Champion Bitch, Green Star, CACIB & RBOB
Pele 1st Junior Dog, Green Star and Best of Breed 

We are very grateful to both judges who thought so highly of our Havanese. We really appreciate their wonderful compliments!




Bangor All Breed Championship Show 09/09/2017

We had a fantastic day at Bangor Show, where we did the double with Pele and Cassie, with Pele going Best of Breed over Cassie! 

Thanks to our judge, Mrs C Delmar

In English Setters, Robin took Green Star and Best of Breed also!

Thanks to our judge, Ms C Fallon

Coleraine Championship Show


At Coleraine All Breed Championship Show, we had a great day doing the double in Havanese!

Cassie was awarded Green Star Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed!

Foxie was awarded the Reserve Bitch Green Star!

Making a habit of it, Pele was awarded 1st Junior Dog, Green Star Dog, Best of Breed and then 4th in the Group!

This means that Pele is now an Irish Junior Champion, subject to IKC ratification!

Thanks to our judges, Ms Eva Keenan (breed) and Ms Lindy Watton (group)!



Paington Championship Show


What a great day at Paington Championship Show, where under English Setter Breed Specialist, Ms T Watkins, Phoenix won another Junior Class and Robin was placed 2nd in Open Dog, thus gaining his Stud Book Number!

Thank you to our judge and congratulations to all the winners!

Newtownards Championship Show 30/07/2017

Wow! Little Pele Puppy continues his wonderful run of success by winning another Junior Class, Green Star Dog and Best of Breed.

He then went on to be placed second in Group 9!

Thank you to our judge, Ms A Fogarty Bichon Breeds Specialist, for thinking so highly of our Pele Puppy!

Munster Agricultural Championship Show 22/07/2017

What a fantastic day! We took Foxie and Pele along and they both won their classes, were awarded both Green Stars and Pele puppy beat his auntie Foxie to win Best of Breed! 

Thank you to our judge, Ms D Jensen from Colombia!

Northern English Setter Society 15/07/2017

We had a great day at NESS, where Phoenix won his Junior Class at the Open Show under Mr L Cox and third in Junior at the Championship Show under Ms J Tucker.

Robin was placed 3rd in both the Open and Championship Show!

We had a great day catching up with our UK friends.

East of England Championship Show 08/07/2017

Whilst in the UK to collect little Maverick, we attended East of England Show. The gang did great with Pele being placed 2nd in Puppy Dog, Foxie 2nd in Open Bitch and Cassie winning the Open Bitch Class, Best Bitch and Reserve Best of Breed!

Thank you to our judge, Mr A Carter



Kilkenny All Breed Championship Show 24/06/2017

In a large entry of Havanese, little Pele picked up his second junior point towards his Junior Championship Title. He also won ANOTHER green star!

This means that he is more than halfway to his Irish Championship Title, at only 9 months of age!

Go Pele!!

Swords International Show 17/06/2017

We had a great day as Swords Show in both our breeds with Robin winning 1st Champion Dog, CACIB and Best of Breed and later on being placed 4th in the Group! Lola picked up another Veteran Point towards her Veteran Title! In Havanese, Maro was 1st Champion Dog and picked up his last CACIB for his International Championship Title! Little Pele was in Junior for the first time and was awarded 1st Place, then Green Star Dog and Best of Breed!



Scottish Kennel Club 19/05/2017

We only took Foxie to SKC but she did a great job flying the flag by winning 1st place Open Bitch and the Bitch CC, BOS!

Thank you to our judge Mr A Leonard (Witchstone) for thinking so highly of our girl!

Hibernian All Breed Championship Show 13/05/2017

In Havanese, Pele is placed 1st VP Puppy Dog and is awarded the reserve Green Star. Cassie is 1st Exc Open Bitch, reserve Green Star.

In English Setters Robin, is awarded 1st Exc Champion Dog, Green Star, Best of Breed and Shortlisted in the Group!

Lola is awarded 1st Exc Veteran Bitch, Veteran Point and reserve Green Star!



Combined Canine Club Easter Weekend 14/04/2017 - 15/04/2017

Day 1 : Pele was 1st VP Puppy Dog, Best Puppy in Breed

             Cassie 1st Open Bitch, Green Star Bitch, CACIB and                Best of Breed!!

Day 2 : Robin, 1st Champion Dog, Green Star Dog

             Pele, 1st VP Puppy Dog, Reserve Green Star Dog!

Luxembourg International Show


On his debut in continental Europe, Robin has a great time winning 1st Exc Champion Dog, CACL, CACIB, BOB and is later shortlisted in the Group under Mr C Hastings!

This win now means that Robin is a Luxembourg Champion!!

Bangor & Portadown Ch Shows

01/04/2017 - 02/04/2017

Little Pele has a great weekend picking up the Green Stars on both days!

Cassie takes Green Star on Day 2, BOB and is shortlisted in the Group!



UK Toydog Society Championship Show


We continue our success in the UK with Foxie being awarded 1st Open Bitch, Bitch CC and BOB under Havanese Breed Specialist, Diane Mottram!!

What a start to the year for us in the UK - out of three shows attended, we've bagged two BOB's, two CC's and a RCC!!

Thank you Diane Mottram for thinking so highly of Foxie!

You can watch the BOB Challenger here:


St Patricks Day & Celtic Winners Shows 17/03/2017 - 18/03/2017

Little Pele attended his first Championship Shows, International Shows at that, and did tremendously well winning Best Puppy in Breed both days.

Cassie and Maro picked up two CACIBs each over the weekend also!

Crufts 10/03/2007 - 11/03/2017

What a Crufts we had! Following on from a successful 2015 & 2016, 2017 is our most successful yet! In Havanese, Maro was placed 2nd in a strong Open Dog Class, Cassie 1st place in Limit Bitch and Foxie 1st Place in Open Bitch. Cassie then was awarded the CC and Foxie the RCC!

Next day in English Setters, Robin was awarded 1st place Puppy Dog, Best Puppy Dog and Best Puppy in Breed!!

Thanks to our judges, Liz Stannard (Havanese) and Ruth Martin (English Setters) for thinking so highly of our gang!



Toy Group Open Show and Terrier Club All Breed Open Show 25/02/2017

We had a lovely day with great friends at these two shows. Little Pele flew the flag today and did ever show well. He showed very happily in both breed classes and bagged himself Best Baby Puppy in Breed at both shows. 

Then at the Terrier Club All Breed Open Show, Pele went on to win Reserve Best Baby Puppy in Show!!

Thanks to our judges Lisa Marie Byrne, Lauren Coulter and Paul Lawless for thinking so highly of our happy little boy.

Cocker Spaniel Club of Ireland All Breed Open Show 29/01/2017

At his first ever show, Pele had a great day. He had great fun and wagged his tail until it nearly fell off. And he also won his first ever rosette, Best Baby Puppy in Breed!

Thank you to our judge, Alice Mooney and congratulations to the hard working committee on running a friendly show with a lovely atmosphere.



Manchester Championship Show UK 20/01/2016

Manchester Champ Show was our first UK show of 2017 and we had a wonderful time!

We enjoyed catching up with all the lovely UK havanese exhibitors and our results weren't too shabby either.

Cassie was awarded 1st place in her final Junior Class! Cassie has won all her Junior Classes in the UK!

Foxie also did well, being awarded 1st place in Open Bitch, Best Bitch and then went on to win Best of Breed!

Thank you so much to our judge, Breed Specialist Lucy Mottram for thinking so highly of the girls!

Master Pele came along with mummy Georgie for the day and he was completely unfazed by the experience!

Bulldog Open Show 15/01/2017

We had a lovely day at the Bulldog All Breed Open Show, first show of 2017!

Both Cassie and Phoenix were awarded Best of Breed, both showing very well.

Olive then handled Phoenix to 3rd Place in the Group!

Thank you to our judges for these awards :)