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Berrywood Showdogs - Flor de Cuba

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Barnesmore Hiawatha at Berrywood


1999 - 2012

Although Casey and Olivia made a great team in the Junior Handling, Olive and Brendan decided to get Olivia a second dog to show. Olive really wanted to buy Olivia a Havanese, however being a typical troublesome teenager, Olivia promptly declared that she wanted a 'real dog' to show, and would not be seen showing a Havanese - how times have changed eh!!!


So we all agreed that a whippet would be the ideal breed for Olivia - easy to maintain and quite smart looking (and very much what Olivia considered to be a 'real dog'). Having admired the kennel for many years, we only had one place in mind for our whippet and that was the famous Barnesmore Kennels. We are very greatful to Lucinda Thompson, who allowed us to have our little 'Corkey Srew'. Although he and Casey were not always the best of friends, they became quite the double act and the kitchen was always a great place to be with the two of them present, Casey being a typical bolshy Cocker and Corkey, who could only be described as being a comical genius.


Corkey brought us so much love and happiness over the years. He really was one in a million.