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Ir Sh Ch Chywoon Summer Swift at Berrywood

Olive Carty
20/05/1993 - 2005


Sire:      Ferrysett Ferryman
Dam:    Silversett Summerbird over Chywoon

Ross was our handsome Suntop type boy, who truly was a 'Gentleman by Nature'. When Olive and Brendan travelled to pick Ross, they had an idea in their head of the ideal type, and Ross really and truely lived up to that image. His head and soft expression in particular was his virture, however like his father, he did not particulary enjoy showing. In spite of this however, he still won numerous Green Stars and Best of Breeds. Ross was also placed in many classes at UK Championship shows, and won 2 Res CC's. Ross also gained his stud book number.


Many thanks to Carol Smettem-Minson (Chywoon) for entrusting us with our handsome boy, who brought us years of happiness as part of our family.